The Best Sneaking Alcohol Techniques – Quick And Easy!

The Best Sneaking Alcohol Techniques - Quick And Easy!

Sneaking Alcohol Techniques

Sneaking Alcohol Techniques

Techniques for smuggling alcohol have always been around and frankly are an American pastime. Hell NASCAR came to be from people getting more creative with their smuggling alcohol techniques and driving bad ass cars to out run the law.

Here at Camo Caps we like to help carry on this tradition of coming up with creative methods to sneaking alcohol into various places even though times have changed and prohibition isn’t still in effect. Sometimes it’s just our desire to save some money on a cruise or at a concert other times it’s just an exciting thrill to outwit the man at places like Disney World.  Regardless of where you’re trying to go with your own booze there are many sneaking alcohol techniques and a Camo Caps is one of the best.

20 years ago water bottles were not a big deal. Nowadays they’re everywhere. No matter if you’re walking down the street, going to a concert, going on a cruise or going to any other event they are a visible part of the scenery which makes them the one of the most discreet and easily accessible sneaking alcohol techniques you will find anywhere.

Here’s My Story:

When it comes to sneaking alcohol techniques 4 years ago I was in the same shoes as you. I was looking to go to the Austin City Limits music festival and was told by my friends that beers were like 9 bucks and so was hard liquor. My immediate question to them was how do you bring in your own? Needless to say they already had their ideas. One of my buddies was stuffing Ziploc bags of whiskey into his fold-able chair. Another had a hip flask he was bringing in. Others were just saying they were just going to suck it up and pay the price. I found all of these sneaking alcohol techniques unacceptable as they were very limited on the amount you could bring in and could easily get confiscated if discovered. I sure as hell wasn’t going to spend $100 plus dollars a day paying for drinks. The tickets were already $200 so I was looking at a $500 or more weekend if I went that route!

Luckily for me I had time to think this whole deal through. I went online and started searching for what ACL allowed you to bring in and sneaking alcohol techniques. I found that water bottles were allowed in as long as they were factory sealed so that seemed like a viable option. I found some videos online for how to remove the cap from water bottles without breaking the seal and got started. After burning myself with boiling water trying to soften the caps up to pry them off unsuccessfully I got the super glue out and made a mess of trying to reseal a cap so it looked like new. All it looked like was crap. I decided to see if I could order some caps from a manufacturer. Their response was I had to order 1,000,000 caps as they only sold in bulk! After some back and forth I figured I’d settle for the burning method and finally got a couple caps out of a 24 pack of water and a couple hours of frustration.

This adventure of methods to sneaking alcohol paid off though. I had a liter of vodka every day for ACL and my friends and I got white girl wasted. We had a blast and everyone approved of the cap method. Afterwards I realized other people were probably going through the same hassle I went through so started looking into what it would take to actually start selling caps in small quantities. This brings us to today where I’ve sold hundreds of thousands of Camo Caps to customers who have successfully snuck alcohol into countless places using water bottles. If you’re looking for sneaking alcohol techniques look no further than Camo Caps and water bottles. If you follow our tips you can spend a couple of minutes and save a ton of money. If you ever have a question please feel free to call or email us anytime and we’ll be happy to help.

Carry on the great American tradition of sneaking alcohol where you please!

Camo Caps + Flexible Flasks

The perfect sneak combo!

Great sneaking tools for less than a pizza and a six pack. Save money and enjoy your own spirits on a cruise, at a show, or sports venue.

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