How to Sneak Alcohol on a Cruise Ship Easily!

At our job is to create and find the absolute best products for sneaking alcohol into places. By far the most frequent question we get asked is how to sneak alcohol on a cruise? It’s no big surprise as knowing how to get alcohol on a cruise is the easiest way to help maintain your budget and free up funds for onshore activities as well as other ship amenities like massages and spa time. This is why figuring out sneaking alcohol on a cruise ship in the largest quantities and the most discreet way possible is extremely important and worth your time and effort.

If you’ve searched around online at all you’ll realize that there a multitude of products for sneaking in alcohol. But how do you know which of these are going to be worth spending your money on and will give you the highest rate of success? That question time and again keeps people from even trying to bring their own alcohol on board a cruise ship. Fear can be powerful and that’s why we’ve accumulated as much knowledge on how to sneak booze on a cruise than anyone else online. At we’ve got the answer.

Permitted Items

The first thing you really need to consider when it comes to figuring out how to sneak in alcohol on a cruise ship is what type of items are allowed on board. Your best bet for getting alcohol on a cruise is to stick with a container that looks like something that’s allowed on board and just re purpose the container for your need which is getting as much of that sweet firewater on the boat as possible. The next big consideration is what containers are allowed on board and which will carry the most amount of liquor? Well we’ve considered all of this and have hand selected the very best products for the sheer amount of alcohol they allow you to bring on board as well as being very discreet in the process.

By examining our cruise items you’ll notice the pros and cons of each product so that you can figure out which suit you best when it comes to how to sneak alcohol on a cruise. All the products are great in their own way but we have no bias and want to allow you to make an educated decision on which of those products you will feel most comfortable with using. We’ve taken the time to field test and prove that each one of these products will work consistently in allowing you to get your own liquor on board the cruise ship so they’ve all got our stamp of approval. We’ve outlined guidelines and best practices as well as where common mistakes can be made and how to avoid them so that you too can have a successful alcohol sneaking experience. We’ve stayed away from just throwing a bunch of random products on our site just because we can so that you don’t have to feel confused and overwhelmed.

Our Promise To You

Simply put our products are simple and easy to use. We know they work and have thousands of customers to back us up. If you’re not confident in your quest of how to sneak booze on a cruise please feel free to call or email us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Your success is our first priority so let us handle the hard work and show you how to sneak alcohol on a cruise.

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