How to Sneak Alcohol Into A Concert Effortlessly!

How to Sneak Alcohol into a Concert

how to sneak alcohol into a concertConcerts are significant part of anyone’s life that enjoys music. Some of us may frequent them as often as a few times a week. Tickets can be expensive enough but add onto that the cost of drinks and you’d better make sure you’re working hard in between shows. That being said a lot of people want to be able to enjoy these concerts without completely breaking the bank so they try to figure out how to sneak alcohol into a concert to save a few bucks and still have a good time. CHECK OUT OUR STORE FOR THE BEST PRODUCTS TO SNEAK ALCOHOL INTO A CONCERT.

Sneaking alcohol in a concert can be rather difficult seeing as how they’re usually taking place where there is security outside checking bags and patting patrons down to make sure no contraband is being brought in. In all honesty you need to get a bit more creative if you’re trying to get alcohol in a concert than many other places. Every venue is different so you really need to take that fact into account and I will help you with selecting the best option on how to sneak alcohol into a concert depending on the type of venue.

Here at we’ve got more experience on how to sneak alcohol into a concert than anyone else and we recommend the best products to do so. The simple fact is you need to be adaptable so here is a list of different types of venues and what methods work best with each. No sales pitch just good ole useful information!

How to Sneak Alcohol into a Concert

We’re going to start by sizes of venues. Most small shows are usually at a bar/dedicated venue for shows. For reasons that don’t need to be mentioned bars frown upon you smuggling alcohol in a concert at their place of business cause their revenue is mostly dependent on sales from liquor. At these venues your only option on how to sneak alcohol in a concert is a flask (tampon flasks are really effective here ladies)or some mini bottles discreetly hidden in a pocket or boot. No need to get fancy on this one. Just bring your flask in and be discreet with it.

The next step up is your amphitheater. These places rely more on ticket sales than liquor but they do sell liquor so again don’t want you bringing in your own. Amphitheaters usually have the larger and longer shows like one that I’m going to this evening at the Austin 360 Amphitheater. Being a longer show means much more time spent at the venue and therefore a larger quantity of alcohol may be needed. Amphitheaters are a perfect example of where Camo Caps and water bottles work perfectly (we have a list of  different amphitheaters and venues that allow “factory sealed water bottles” in here if you want to check on one that you’re looking to go to). All of those venues will allow patrons to bring in one sealed water bottle to a show as most of them are outside and it can be rather hot. This means that by using Camo Caps and a bottle of water you can bring in up to 1 liter of your choice of clear liquor. That should cover you and a friend pretty easily! Hell you may even make a few new ones with any surplus you may have.

Sneaking Alcohol Into a Stadium

The next type of venue that you may be wondering how to sneak alcohol into a concert at is the stadium. I don’t know of any stadiums that will allow you to bring in water bottles during a concert (baseball games are another story though!). At stadium shows resorting back to your flask/ tampon flask or mini bottles is going to be your best bet. Luckily there are so many people at these types of concerts you can be a little less discreet with pouring it into your drink but still you don’t want to be blatant about it.

The final type of venue you may be wondering how to sneak alcohol into a concert at is the music festival. These are the pinnacle for concert goes. Dozens of bands playing all day in the same place oh my! Needless to say you get gouged on alcohol at music festivals. Lucky for you Camo Caps was created out of necessity after going to the ACL music festival. Flasks just don’t cut the quantity of alcohol needed for an all day festival with friends. Camo Caps and sealed water bottles are by far the best way to sneak alcohol into a music festival. You’re normally allowed 2 sealed bottles of water in per patron per day. Play it safe and make one of those bottles actual water so you don’t die of alcohol poisoning! Again here all you need to do is take off the original cap, fill the bottle with clear liquor and re seal with a Camo Cap then enjoy!

I hope this has been helpful and as always if you have any questions feel free to email or call us and we’ll be happy to help.

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