Sneak On A Cruise

Sneak some liquor on your next cruise and save your money for souvenirs.

Camo Caps are single-use water bottle caps meant to work with Aquafina 20 oz and 1 liter bottles. Sneak clear liquor anywhere you can take a water bottle.


  • Almost all cruise lines allow you to bring bottled water
  • Allows for sneaking of a large volume of alcohol
  • Very hard to detect
  • Highest proven success rate
  • Discreet
  • Can be carried around on board
  • Can be used with Nestea iced tea bottles for dark liquor


  • Single-use
  • Works only with clear liquor- unless your cruise line allows sodas/iced tea bottles
  • Doesn’t work with all bottle types
  • Works best in checked luggage

Flexible Flasks are great for cruises.

Throw a few in your luggage and security will have no idea.


  • Large capacity- 27 oz each
  • Proven system on cruises for years
  • Reusable
  • Inexpensive


  • Must be put in checked luggage
  • If your luggage does get searched it’s security can tell what’s inside easily
  • Must be left in room

Shampoo bottles are great for sneaking alcohol on cruises.

Sneak any type of liquor on board and save money!


  • Professional label mimics real products
  • Large capacity bottles
  • Perfect sneaking success rate
  • Allows for any kind of liquor to be snuck on board


  • Can only get two bottles on board without looking suspicious
  • Bottles must stay in room


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